Why You Should Consider Enrolling Your Kids for Tango Lessons

Tango, originating from Argentina, is considered to be one of the most intricate dance forms. It is characterised by an assortment of moves including colgadas, ganchos, volcadas and more. As a result, it is one of the most visually appealing art forms that you could consider. Nonetheless, this fancy footwork does not mean it is only suited for professional dancers. Parents looking to keep their kids busy through extracurricular activities will find that kids dance classes would be ideal for their needs. This article will illuminate some of the little-known benefits of tango classes for kids and their parents alike.

Tango dancing boosts creativity and spontaneity

A surprising fact about tango dancing is that it is centred on improvisation. Tango classes may teach your kids the basics of this dance genre, but as they proceed, the kids will not be provided with fixed sequences to master. Instead, they will be expected to flex their creative muscle by building upon the basic steps that they have learned. This principle makes it perfect for young children as it stimulates their mental acuity.

Tango dancing will improve posture and flexibility

Another little-known benefit of tango classes is how they can significantly help in the improvement of posture as well as provide your child with enhanced flexibility. These characteristics are especially beneficial to younger children as the improved posture will considerably minimise the risk of back problems and compromised gait as they age.

Tango dancing increases body awareness

Similar to other physical activities that you take up for the first time, your child may initially feel awkward as they start their tango dance classes. However, with practice, they steadily become less clumsy and start to get aware of their body. Routine tango classes make them acknowledge muscles that they had previously not made much use of. Additionally, they also begin to realise a dissociation between their lower body and their torso. With routine practice, the children get to be more aware of their body movements, which enhances their mobility.

Tango dancing can provide your child with social satisfaction

One underrated advantage of tango classes that most people do not think about is how it can significantly expand your child's social circle as well as your own! For younger kids, they get the chance to meet their peers and these interactions could transform into lifelong friendships. For the parents, attending classes could introduce you to fellow peers and form a parenting circle.