Ballet for Boys: How Dance Can Benefit Your Son

Ballet has long been a popular hobby for young girls, with many of them dreaming of growing up to be a ballerina. Whether or not they pursue dance later in life, it's an enjoyable activity that also teaches a number of useful life skills.

Parents of young boys, on the other hand, don't often consider classes for their children. Ballet is typically seen as feminine and unsuitable for boys, but that's far from the truth. Remember, in professional ballet, male dancers are needed too.

If you have a son who's interested in ballet classes, it can be difficult for them to rise above preconceptions and name-calling, but ballet itself can help with that. These are some of the benefits for boys who learn ballet.


Taking on any new discipline can be a challenge, but conquering it is a huge boost to confidence. This effect occurs even in young children, who feel a big sense of achievement when their skills start to increase. Not only does this help with a child's general development, but it also gives them tools to deal with anyone who criticises their love of ballet.

As an extra confidence boost, many ballet schools put on shows, teaching children from a young age that public performance is nothing to be afraid of.

Increased social skills

If you put your son into a ballet class, he's likely to be interacting with girls far more than he does at school. He'll also meet other kids from all sorts of backgrounds, which is immensely helpful to his social development.

Physical fitness

While boys often love to play sports and active games, ballet provides a type of exercise that's normally absent. It builds strength and flexibility, encourages good posture and teaches a child to be aware of their body. This really increases overall fitness and helps nurture a lifelong interest in staying healthy.


If you have a boy who struggles to focus on one thing or who has difficulty settling down and staying still, ballet could be the answer. Developing a strong sense of self-discipline is one of the key parts of learning the art.

Broader horizons

Typical activities expected or encouraged in young boys are sports, video games, and various other pastimes associated with being male. By letting your son do ballet, you open him up to a wide range of new interests, including theatre, classical music, and a general appreciation of the arts. This helps to raise a more rounded person and could be a big influence on his future interests and career.