Two Ways To Make Your Dance Classes as Fun as Possible

Here are two ways to make the dance classes you go to as fun as possible.

Dress up

You can usually wear anything you like to a dance class. However, dressing in a way that is in keeping with the dance genre you've chosen (for example, wearing leotards and leg warmers for ballet classes or a long skirt and small high heels for a tango class) is a great way to make the experience more fun.

There are two reasons for this; firstly, dressing the part can help you to adopt the mood of the dance class, which can help you to enjoy it more. For example, if you wear a pretty leotard and ballet wrap skirt whilst at a ballet class where you're dancing to Swan Lake, you'll probably find it easier to feel as graceful and elegant as the music you're dancing to, which should, in turn, help you to enjoy the class.  

Secondly, there is a good reason why people wear certain attire to certain types of dance classes; namely, because these garments help them to do the movements associated with that genre more easily. For example, if you're a woman, wearing a pair of high heels whilst you're at a tango class will create a rhythmic clicking noise each time you move your feet, which will emphasise the rhythm of the music and allow you to fully appreciate it.

Ask the teacher what music they are planning to use for the upcoming class

Another way to ensure your dance classes are fun-filled experiences is to ask the teacher ahead of time what music they're planning to use for each upcoming class. You can then find this music online and listen to it in the days leading up to the class. This will allow you to begin to familiarise yourself with its rhythm, tempo, dynamics and its overall meaning (as well as its lyrics, if it's not purely instrumental).

When you do this, you should find it easier and a lot more pleasurable to learn the movements your teacher then shows you at the next class, as you won't be focusing on trying to work out the tempo or trying to listen to the lyrics so you can figure out what sentiment the song is expressing as you'll have already done this 'research' beforehand). Because of this, the dance moves the teacher selects should immediately make sense to you (in terms of their relationship to the music) and be quicker and more fun to learn.